Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Train Wreck of An Interview

I was in a fast food restaurant that rhymes with Bendy's while eating my lunch I overheard an interview being conducted by the manager of the restaurant and a prospective employee. It was quite possibly the worst interview I'd ever seen in my life, and there was plenty of blame to go around, but the interviewer would give any HR person chills up their spine.

  • He opened the interview by stating, "Oh, I see you worked in Canada." And then asked, "Is that where you were born?" She responded yes, and he followed up with, "So you're Canadian?"

  • He asked how she'd get to work, and she stated that she could take the bus, walk, or get a ride from her husband. To which he responded, "So you're married?" followed by, "What does your husband do?"

  • Hannity and Colmes was playing loudly on the flat screen in the dining area.

So, what's wrong with this?

Umm, number one, we don't ask peope about their national origin as it is not relevant as long as they are legally able to work in the US. At first, his bringing up Canada seemed like small talk gone wrong, but the more he asked the more it seemed like he might have an issue with her being Canadian.

Number two, what does her being married or her husband's job have to do with her being a quaified candidate? I was scared he was going to next ask her whether her husband approved of her working outside the home. It's 2008 people not 1948.

Finally, Hannity and Colmes? While there is nothing illegal about Hannity and Colmes playing during an interview, and I understand the need to entertain your dining guest, it just seems like it'd be hard to concentrate on the interview with Hannity flapping his gums.

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