Friday, July 11, 2008

Inspired by HR Blogger

Okay, after a long delay, I am back. I have been inspired by Human Resources Bloggers. You will begin to see more post from me in the near future.

In the meantime, here is my top 3 reasons I haven't posted in over 2 months.

  1. I didn't have anything good to post about. Actually, this is a lie. I have had a lot of good things to post about, but I am struggling with how to make a fun entertaining blog while maintaining my anonymity. If I divulge too much good stuff, someone may be able to figure out who I am.

  2. No one has sent me any questions. This is probably (actually definitely) my fault. If I don't add new post, I can't possibly expect anyone to ask me a question.

  3. I've been dealing with open enrollment. There is some truth to this excuse, although it doesn't explain why there were no late April, early May post. When I decided to get off my bum (or maybe on my bum) and make some new post, I was too exhausted from open enrollment.

Anyway, this time I am truly committed to doing, like, at least 3 post a week, so stay tuned!.

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