Friday, March 28, 2008

Not and HR issue

You wouldn't know it from reading advice columns and forum posts, but not every issue is an HR issue. It seems that everyday in a paper somewhere you can find a columnist or a forum poster who insists that you should "visit your HR department." But really you shouldn't, I mean I don't know how to deal with some of these issue any better than you. So, I've compiled a short list of things to not bring to your HR dept.

1. Your coworker stinks (spinoff: your coworkers cologne is too strong.) This is not an HR issue, it's a management issue. Your manager should deal with this, not me.

2. Someone is peeing on the floor in the bathroom. No, I cannot install cameras, and I will not conduct an investigation. I can send out an e-mail to all employees asking them to be considerate, but I guarantee it's not going to work. Suck it up and roll up your pants legs.

3. Your coworker double-dips in the shared salsa at the office party. Seriously? I've been asked to address this issue and I absolutely refuse to. If you see someone double-dipping you should be able to deal with it yourself.

4. The janitor is not cleaning behind your space heater. Do I manage the janitor? No? Then why are you bringing this issue to me? Heck, he doesn't clean my office thoroughly either. Speaking of space heaters, are you authorized to have one of those in the office?

5.I feel like Jane doesn't like me. I don't care, and forget what you've been told about us HR types, I don't like people. Frankly, I understand why Jane doesn't like you.

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Dwight Mann said...

Really funny stuff. I personally would like to hear more stories about the hiring process. Have you ever had any really crazy experiences?